About the Site

My rediscovery of cycling and my entry into mountain biking circa 2001. With Mark and Nolan.

There are only two activities in this world that I have accepted as an important part of my life, not just some “bucket list” experience; which I will do as long as my health permits. That is hiking and biking.


This blog is about the other one. The biking part.

Biking is one of the first wonder a normal child experiences (during our time then- not sure if it’s the same as for the children of today). Though learning to walk opens up the windows of exploration, biking accelerates it a hundred fold. Bikes gave me wings to explore at an early age. Though later on as one matures physically and financially, enabling himself to buy a car and even travel by plane, nothing still compares to the time you have learned how to ride your bike. This is the same feeling that continues the rediscovery process that fuels grown up man’s fascination with bikes. A positive feeling that relives his inner child within him. Though there are a thousand and one benefits of cycling that one can reason out with- the simple fact remains- the bike brings out the child in us.

My cycling was further pushed by Adventure Racing during its height early 2000. This was in Guimaras (Survival Challenge). Edwin, Mark, Nolan, Yoko and me.

And just like in hiking, the very basic grinds- the basic necessity of this sport which is the monotonous pedalling, clears up the mind and to your liking, either frees you up even for a brief moment or a period where ideas and solutions flourshes in an idle blank canvass (it was said that Einstein conceptualized some of his ideas while riding a bike and even modern day- a Michael Dell and Howard Shultz sharing business ideas while riding a bike). Iam an Einstein on a bike and a Long Henson the moment I stop pedaling. (see I am not on a bike when I am writing this blog!- thus the quality).  I really have lots of ideas coming to me when riding but after the ride, I am too lazy to act on most, if not all of them. Nevertheless, the point is there- on what cycling does to my intellect.

In terms of exploration and travel- I would say that the bicycle is the best tool of the trade. Walking is too slow to cover large distances while motorized vehicle is too fast to see, absorb and reflect on the details. Smiles are smiles on a bike and blurry images on a car.

I decided to record all the places I have and will explore in this later stage in my life through this site.

Enough with the races (or maybe one or two is ok)! It’s time to enjoy! Life is too short…

(Secondary to posting bike information, this site was also created for the author to learn WordPress and CSS as part of improving his knowledge on MS Sharepoint technologies so this is sort of a laboratory site. Also as a way of passing time during those boring moments…)


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