10 Ways to be a Dick

Read this article:

10 Ways to be a Dick in your local bike shop


I also have my own list of the other end- the bike shop; and these lists are based on real experiences that if I mention the shop, I bet those familiar with the shop would agree-

10 Ways to be a Dick Local Bike Shop (D-LBS)

1. Use the dreaded word- “bibili ka ba” ? (Are you buying something?) And assess your capability to buy based on your appearance. If they think you don’t have the money- then you will only get token assistance.

2. Grouchy sales people. And the worst- grouchy owner! This has caused a decline of one popular shop.

3. Clueless sales people. If matched with number 2- then its an LBS nightmare. This is common in the Philippines as most bike shops do not employ real bike savvy sales people. They don’t even read magazines or access internet articles to update themselves as they are not really into it. Worst some have stock knowledge and will even contest your well researched opinion based on their limited information.

4. Too much closeness with shop regulars that any “non-regulars” who comes in the shop will feel like an outcasts. When you enter those shops, you would feel like you have entered some private party where you do not know anyone while they knew each other well- so what that makes of you? Gate crasher? Worst is if the discrepancy on how they treat customers is glaring and they are not even discreet about it. So to the shops out there- try to decide if you want to be a bike shop for all or a bike shop for your pathetic amateur bike or tri team only.

5. And to be a “regular” in that shop; to be included in the “in-crowd”- you should have some credentials (short for fame and/or fortune). For mere mortals, it will take you a year of visits and confidence to be included on the list while for the rich and famous- only one visit is required and that is even if they only brought a piece of screw.

6. Selling used items without informing you that it’s second hand.

7. The alleged “distributor” without any support nor other significant product from the supposed brand. They only have a handful of items and that qualified them as distributor.

8. Selling something without the corresponding required product- i.e. you brought an expensive frame, only to find out there is no headset and bottom bracket and they do not have the required headset and bottom bracket for that very frame they have sold you so you will end up ordering from the web, or scouring the other shops or worst- waiting for another month to get that product.

9. Selling fake products without informing you that its fake or in their own “sanitized” term- “OEM” or “Replica.” So whats the difference between a fake and a replica?

10. Give a lot of freebies only to find out the product was way too over priced from current market price. And the freebies are their ways to offload non moving stocks.


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