Laguna-Lucban Historic Route


The road from Majayjay to Lukban


The intersection at Magdalena

I did a Pagsanjan-Lucban ride a couple of times before but I wondered if there is a good loop that can be made to further enhance the trip to Laguna. Looking at the map, yes there is a loop- in fact there are a couple of options to further expand the loop. The basic one would include- Pagsanjan- Sta Cruz- Magdalena- Majayjay- Lukban- Lusiana- Cavinti and back to Pagsanjan. It can be expanded by adding the Cavinti (Kaliraya Lake) and Lumban route before returning to Pagsanjan. It can also be shortened by going directly to Lusiana from Majayjay. Another option is to do Liliw before Majayjay but the bigger loop would be via the Sta-Cruz –Calumpang road to Liliw or even the biggest one- by adding the Calauan-San Pablo-Nagcarlan-Liliw-Majayjay routes.



The climb from Majayjay to Lukban

The more feasible one for beginners in this area is the one we did a week ago- the basic route outlined above. In doing the research, Google map showed a total distance of 82Kms. But when we did it- we were already at the 83Kms mark without adding the Kaliraya Lake route which we abandoned as it may already be too late for us to finish the route- a second attempt is in order, this time starting earlier. I would assume if we add the Kaliraya, the total milage would be in the 100 Kms.


You can park your car at the Pagsanjan Catholic Church Yard (L-R Mau, Me, Angela, Deo and Gil)

I called this a historic route as these towns are some of the popular and rich towns in terms of history and culture. Interesting spots includes Magdalena Church- were Emiliio Jacinto died, Taytay Falls in Majayjay, tourists spots in Lukban and Pagsanjan and local delicacies lining the entire route.

From Pagsanjan to Magdalena- its purely flats. The climb starts on your way to Majayjay and though it seems relentless, the uphill is gradual but challenging. From Majayjay, its rolling with two more short climbs. Best to have your lunch at Lukban, known for their pancit and Lucban longanisa. From Lucban, its not entirely downhill to Pagsanjan as it seems. There are rolling portions that would also challenge you but majority would still be downhill. If you will add the Kaliraya Lake, there is one major climb to the Lake and from the Lake its downhill to Lumban and flats to Pagsanjan.


Besides cycling- our next best skill is spotting restaurants for post rides.


The Pagsanjan Gate


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