My First Bike Clinic

As requested by members of our Outdoor Group- I held my first bike clinic this May. Here are pictures of the said event:

We started the day with a short ride that has some technical portions to assess each one’s skill.


Yuri doing the jump

The first exercise was how to change a flat tire.


The most basic skill

A lecture on parts of the bike.


Hard Tail

More technical stuff.



Bike tuning/ tune up.


Tuning the derailleurs

Bike fitting.


Che being “measured”

Advance mechanical work.


Crankset Installation

Added bonus: Bike weigh-in.


Looking who has the lightest bike

We did another ride the next day as the second day focused more on bike handling skills.

Here are the participants of the bike clinic:


L-R me, Arin Desembrana, Cherryl Delos Reyes, Helem Jamilla, Jomai Cumpa, Paulo Marasigan, Angela Alejandro, Psyche Verano, Anna Labao, Joenas Biocarles, Mau Romarate, Yuri Desembrana, Tan Montales


3 responses to “My First Bike Clinic

  1. Nice! I did not know there’s a clinic for this. Mostly I learned technical stuff from curiosity. It’s a great experience to attend bike clinics so that you have every knowledge you want to know about bikes. For me, I only bought some parts in an Online bike shop in the Philippines and then install it myself. I hope there’s a bike clinic here in Mindanao so that people will not have some difficulties about bikes. Anyway, great blog! I hope you’ll update your blog. I bookmarked it and will be following you 🙂


  2. when is the next bike clinic..

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