Globe Cordillera Challenge 6


Me, Jon and Jerry

In the early heydays of local mountain biking, and in support to the known fact that the Cordilleras is the best mountain biking destination in the country- we have this Baguio-Sagada race held annually (when Halsema was still rough roads) until it eventually died down. Nowadays, a newer and better race took over to further explore the Cordilleras- the Globe Cordillera Challenge. The Globe Cordillera Challenge, now in its sixth edition not only promotes the location by having new routes each year- but has a noble outreach program that benefits from the race- the Cordillera Conservation Trust. There is the Epic (50+kms) and a Mini-Epic (28+km) route. I and Jon Lloyd who flew all the way from Australia joined the Epic while Jerry Escosio and Paul Paz joined the mini Epic challenge.


My place…

Overall, it was an awesome ride- exhilarating downhills and equally back breaking climbs. Though I miserably finished 105/167 at 7 hrs; having no real climb training from the past couple of months and the drinking the night before (excuses, excuses) forcing me to walk a lot of section (something I don’t usually do so it was  a bit humiliating), it was all still worth it and all the more gave me resolve to try again next year- this time with proper preparation.

The Globe Cordillera Challenge is one of the best mountain biking event in the Philippines to date so this is a highly recommended activity for off road bike enthusiast out there.

The Route:


Video Taken by Jon:


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