Making Makiling


Makiling Forest

The Mt. Makiling Rainforest Park was one of the older mountain biking destination. I remember here is where I first saw a mountain bike in action sometime 1996. Shockingly one of the rider crashed at one tight bend and I remember how he was panicking as he was more concerned if he got any cuts or scratches on his face. So when we started riding mountain bikes, this was one of our first exploration destination.


Aguila Base

The route being used by riders is the same road that goes 3/4 to the summit; the same road used by hikers known as the Makiling UPLB Trail. But since its wide, there are no issues with trail sharing but on heavy traffic days for hikers like Holy Week, bikers are not allowed so it would also be better to check before going there. The road that is “bikeable” is around 5+ kilometers long up to an area known as Aguila Base.  Its an uphill road and turning back to the jump-off would give you a 5+ km downhill for a total of 11+ kilometers. 1 Kilometer of the road is already paved and the rest are made of loose dirt and rocks so going down will be a bit shaky.


Registration Booth

Other option within this ride is to do a trail ride to the mud springs. Another one is to start the ride from outside Los Banos to further increase the milage. You can either take the Jamboree Road or the main road from UPLB. There is a registration booth where you need to register and pay 10 Php per person.


Mount Makiling


Makiling Trail

Video of the trail courtesy of Jon Lloyd. (Riders- Jon Lloyd, Ronald Millevo and me).


One response to “Making Makiling

  1. Thanks for making a write up on UPLB Mt. Makiling.
    For those who would like to take the Mt. Makiling trail going to Mudspring, The Makboys regularly goes up the trail every Saturday, meet-up in front of UPLB Baker Hall 6:30AM

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