Pililia Windmill Loop


Pililia Windmill

As mentioned on my previous post, the construction of the windmill farm will open a new bike route opportunity and true to what is expected, and in so short time, a new bike route has gained popularity. The main route is actually the new access road to the windmill farm that starts within the Manila East Road- Bugarin and its connection to a back access to Marcos Hi-way in Sampaloc Tanay. This road that connected Marcos Hi-way and Manila East Road made it possible to create a loop. The loop can be done from Manila East Road like in Tanay- go up to Sampaloc-Tanay Marcos Hi-Way, then go to the new access road and go down via Bugarin (or in reverse order- up in Bugarin and down from Sampaloc). This can be biked from Manila via Ortigas, Teresa Rizal, C6 or Floodway or maybe start from Morong or Tanay (usual parking like DPWH Morong or Pililia Coffe Shop).  Another option is to do it from Marcos Hi-way (Sierra Madre).

Currently, this route is advised for mountain bikes only as the new road is still unpaved- gravel rough road.

Windmill Road

The view from the access road (Laguna Lake).

The access road from Sampaloc is the second road to the right after the Sampaloc crossing (Marcos Hiway and Tanay intersection). It may be difficult to spot so better ask locals within the junction.



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