First Pinay to Bike the Entire Philippines

There are already a handful of Filipinos (male) who have biked the entire Philippines. When I say entire country, there is no set rule yet of what constitute biking “the entire country”- as long as one rides the major islands of the archipelago from end to end, covering majority of Luzon, Visayas and some portions of Mindanao (due to security reasons) – it is already considered biking the entire Philippines. But no Filipina (female) I know as of this writing who have done this feat. Though there are already some women foreigners who have ridden a couple of islands, none yet fall to what we consider as the entire Philippines as defined above. A fellow MMS members of ours- Lea Latayan is currently attempting to be the first Filipina (and maybe the first woman of any race) to ride the entire Philippines. She is expected to finish the feat by end April to early May of 2015 [As of May, Yes she did it- see later blog entry].

She is doing this without any sponsors or external support except her riding buddy Andeng. For security reasons- no real time updates of the ride are available until she finishes it. They are recording the trip to their Facebook page- “Tour de Filipinas 2015” –

I had the opportunity to ride with them on one of the legs of her ride- from Angono Rizal to Pagsanjan Laguna.

Good Luck Lea!


(Lea- Left)


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