Windmills of Pililia

With the new 54 megawatt windmill project at Pililia Rizal, cyclist travelling the usual Bugarin route has a new side trip option to explore. The windmills have access roads which are fun to ride, with rolling hills- ample climbs and descents (currently rough roads so only for MTBs). The windmill itself is very similar to the windmills of Bagui and Burgos in Ilocos Norte. Thus it is also expected to draw tourist to this new attraction in the province of Rizal.

Looking at the place- its a good idea to put up a bike trail within the place as an added attraction rather than the usual souvenir shops and stalls to cater the arrival of tourists.


The roads within the Windmill Farm


Near the base of the first sets of windmills. With Juboy Willkomm and Mau Romarate.


Me and Juboy Willkomm


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