Filinvest Trail


All trails starts/ ends from the side walk.

The Filinvest Trails are short trails (less than 2 kilometers per section) on existing vacant lots within the Filinvest Commercial Center in Alabang. This is a popular destination by southern bikers. Currently there are 4 sections located on separate blocks so you will need to cross streets to go between trails. But no need to worry as the place is bike friendly and bikes are given courtesy and respect by Filinvest security and traffic personnel. This trail is a good start for newbies though some sections may be “too technical” for newbies so better have them scout first before doing a quick run. Filinvest trail is a good quick getaway for people living within the vicinity. For those coming from farther places, the short course may be disappointing and not worth the trip.


The 4 sections of the Filinvest Trail


The actual areal shot.

To go to the place, take SLEX and exit at Filinvest. You can park at the available parking lots within the Filinvest/ Festival Mall area. It’s easy to spot the trail especially during weekends as there are a lot of riders using the trail. The trails are also properly marked by signage courtesy of Filinvest and ROX. We just hope that the trails would become permanent as one section (there were 5 sections originally) has already succumbed to the call of progress. In fact it may be a good idea for future subdivision developers to incorporate bike trails within their developments. Of course it will come if we demand it- we just need to voice it out.


2 responses to “Filinvest Trail

  1. Nice info sir,
    any other options of trails for newbies, much better if near makati.

    • The only other trail nearer is the Heroes Trail and Army Trail both in Fort Bonifacio. A little farther will be Camp Aguinaldo, Nuvali and Rizal (i.e. Antenna). But most of these are man made circuits. The best natural trail nearer will be La Mesa Watershed and Maarat (Timberland Heights). You can find most of this in this site.

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