Kaybiang Tunnel

2I have mentioned on a previous post (Loving Caylabne) on a road project that would open a potential wonderful road biking route. It depends on the completion of a tunnel project called Kaybiang Tunnel. It was opened several months ago but last weekend, we were able to test it. As mentioned, I was looking forward to having a loop that would start in Tagaytay, then go through Amadeo Cavite to Naic before climbing Ternate to Kaybiang Tunnel and then to Nasugbu Batangas before returning to Tagaytay. A loop that may be more than a hundred kilometers.


Kaybiang Tunnel

In this ride, we just opted for a Ternate to Hamilo Coast and back. An easy ride that also serves as an ocular. We parked at the DENR station which serves as the jump-off point to hiking Pico De Loro (which by the way has a trail that also cuts through and emerges in Barangay Papaya near Hamilo Coast (an off road option but some section would entail hike-a-bikes). The ride totals to around 40 kilometers with substantial climbs. A good ride for newbies who are already testing the world of mountain climbs.


The popular hiking destination- Pico De Loro (Mt Palay-palay)

After the ride, we felt it was short so plans of doing the Tagaytay Kaybiang Loop is already in the works.

By the way, the DENR station has some stores and a place to have lunch (they serve full meals), has clean toilets and shower and a place to have some few drinks before heading back home. Interesting people passes by this place from bike riders, mountaineers, photographers, motorbike riders and tourists on their way to Hamilo Coast.

Hamilo Coast

Hamilo Coast

Kaybiang Tunnel

Kaybiang Tunnel Route


For more map details please visit my Everytrail at: http://www.everytrail.com/my_trips.php?user_id=46765 


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