River Crossings (by Ronald Millevo)

Puray is one of the classic off road epic destinations. It is located near (sometimes crosses with) the other popular off road destinations of the Rodriguez  (Montalban)-Bulacan-San Mateo mountain biking trails.

It has been a long time since we last rode this area but the thrill is still there. Looking at the map below, the Puray route is actually a loop (or linear if you will only choose one route). The other one passes through rivers (15+ crossings to my count), while the other one is a back breaking climb then a steep and loose descent.


The downhill part (by Ronald Millevo)

The loose dry mud and the river crossing means you need a wider tire with enough knobs for traction. This is one (of the few) destination where a 29 will definitely have an advantage.  Similarly, the steep descent on powdery loose soil means you have to be careful in doing your downhill runs. On another note- this means on a rainy day, these loose s0il becomes one hell of a muddy trail.

Allot an entire day to do this ride. You may park you vehicles anywhere in San Mateo or Rodriguez or even further at Avilon Zoo Area. The usual end point is a small waterfalls. There are stores on that area who can prepare your lunch but for those who are choosy, just bring your packed lunch with you as there are limited types of food to order.


MMS Bikers


The end destination- not as grand as expected. Maybe in the rainy season.

Waiting for Lunch

Waiting for Lunch


Puray Route

For more map details please visit my Everytrail at: http://www.everytrail.com/my_trips.php?user_id=46765 



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