Tour of the Fireflies 2013

TOFF2In this years edition of the Tour of the Fireflies- I would say I was a bit disappointed- compared to the last 10+ editions I have joined- this seems to be the most chaotic and unorganized one. There may be reason behind-
maybe because of the exponential increase in participants as it grows every year- the more difficult to maintain the group and the more difficult to close down traffic for a longer time. We were actually thrown into the midst of
crowded lanes, filled with jeepneys and cars- most of  whom were already irritated by the traffic the tour had caused. In my case, I had my daughter with me and it was a bit cause for concern compared if its only me riding. So I guess it would also be the same for others who brought their children with them. It could have been a nightmare to both the parent/guardians and the child themselves. There was also less waiting points for regroups so there were lots of splintered groups who were left to tend for themselves. Overall- the noble cause is still prime and any minor troubles are easily forgiven but I hope the organizers learned from this year’s event to make it more friendly next year.

By the way, I don’t have the route GPS stats this ride- my phone fell from my pocket and it got broke which also made me broke. Lesson learned- that is why I have a bike mount and case- to secure the phone.


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