Riding Ilocos Country


At Patapat Viaduct

The northern most part of the Philippines is one of the best places to ride a bike. It has wonderful sites- both historical and natural, good road conditions, little traffic and pleasant atmosphere and environment. Doing a Manila to Pagudpud is one big challenge (which I haven’t done yet- only a Manila to Vigan; though a few of my friends has already done that leg). This one is about riding the northern part only and not the long ride from Manila. Since long road trip vacations to Pagudpud have become a popular activity during long vacations- an avid cyclist is advised to bring their bicycle during this trip due to the vast possibilities for adventure. Here are options you can consider with the trip:

  • Vigan Environs
  • Vigan to Laoag and/or Laoag to Pagudpud
  • Laoag Environ (Try the Sand Dunes)
  • Pagudpud Environs
  • Pagudpud to Patapat Viaduct
  • Pagudpud to Adams Ilocos Norte

Here is a map to help you explore the place:

Riding the Historical Streets of Vigan

Riding the Historical Streets of Vigan

The best place to make as your home base for exploration is Pagudpud itself. Maybe after the road trip from Manila to Vigan, you can already ride your bike from Vigan to Pagudpud. Maybe spend a day in Vigan then a day in Laoag then to Pagudpud. If you have limited time, the best would still be to ride the Pagudpud environs and explore Kapurpurawan (White Rocks), some waterfalls within the vicinity, Bangui windmills, Cape Bojeador and Patapat Viaduct. You will need a whole day to explore Adams and other destinations near the place like the Blue Lagoon or the Sting Ray Memorial.

Here is a person you can contact while Pagudpud to further get information on trails you can ride within Pagudpud- Mike (better yet, stay in their facility for more convenience and better info sharing time- Kapuluan Vista Resort – www.kapuluanbeachresort.com).

This is one exploration we did during the long Christmas break of 2012. With me are Buboy Serapio, Yebah Manalo, Beth Policarpio, Tintin Henson, Louie Serapio, Lia, Nina and Gab.


5 responses to “Riding Ilocos Country

  1. Hi,
    Were also planning to pedal Vigan/Laoag to Pagudpod.
    Whats the best transport from manila to vigan that you can recommend?
    Most likely we are 10 in the group and its our first time.

    • The big bus companies that plies the Manila-Vigan route (i.e. Victory, Dominion) have enough compartment to accommodate bikes. Based on experience there are some types of bus that has a through compartment from end-to-end on both sides of the bus and these has bigger capacity (no need to disassemble the bikes). There are some instances though that bus operators would like to accommodate only limited number of bikes per trip so they will convince you to split your group so as not to take on the entire compartment of that bus for the other passengers’ to use. The bigger bus companies has also learned how to charge transport of bikes which is fair enough but a few years back, they don’t. If you will be returning from Pagudpud to Manila- that would be a little challenging as there are fewer bus lines coming from that area. Maybe you can also try renting a mini-van. Weigh in the cost and convenience.

  2. how long will it take to pedal from manila to vigan?? consider that i use a xc mtb and not a road bike?thanks!!

  3. thanks sir! meron po ba kayong itenerary?,patingin naman po:)
    any suggestion po sa mga may plan gumawa nito,like kung san kayo tumuloy every stop.thanks po!

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