Batangas End to End

The resort town of Laiya in San Juan Batangas

The resort town of Laiya in San Juan Batangas

Having a long weekend again this November 30, I took the opportunity to ride both ends of Batangas- from Laiya in San Juan Batangas, the last town South bordering Quezon Province up to Tagaytay (which is already part of Cavite Province). The total route is 130 kilometers. Majority of the terrain can be described as rolling with the portions from Bauan to Sta Teresita and the Payapa Road as the most challenging parts.  The Baunan to Sta Teresita is a 10 km steady uphill with manageable sloping angle and the Payapa road is about 30 kilometers and from its start at Lemery to Tagaytay is purely uphill.  But there are great rewards along the route- the scenic and pleasant road from Laiya to San Juan town proper over the shadows of the Mystical Mount Banahaw, the heritage and historic town of Taal and the scenic views on the way to Tagaytay. Doing the reverse would be easier as majority will be downhill.

Mt Banahaw

Mt Banahaw

When I passed by Barangay Balisong (Balisong is the name of the fan knife, the toy of Hit Girl from Kick Ass the movie), the place which got its name from its number one product- I inquired about the popular knife as a souvenir. I was told it was 300 Php (less than 10 dollars) – so the next question was- being that  affordable- is your town peaceful or the other way around?

When I did this ride, we stayed at one of the resort in Laiya and we had another overnight stay at Tagaytay.  A wonderful and physically challenging long vacation weekend.

Here is the route :

Batangas- Batangas

Batangas End to End

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