Mt Sto Tomas (Cabuyao) Baguio

This is a familiar site, an indicator when one is nearing Baguio via Marcos Hi-way. When you see the big mountain with two radar structures atop, then you are already in Baguio. Popularly known as Mt. Sto Tomas, this mountain belongs to the top list in terms of height but since you are already in a higher elevation, climbing this mountain became sort of a tourist pilgrim for those visiting Baguio and is looking for alternative things to do. A mountain not that popular to the hardcore mountaineers. A few years ago, the road leading up was not paved, thus it was an ideal place to hike and mountain bike but nowadays, with 95% paved, the thrill of off-roading was lost but it gave a new opportunity as an ideal climb training ride- a quickie ride for those staying in Baguio. It will take you around 3 hours back and forth from Baguio to do this ride. But there is still an offroad option coming from Marcos Hi-way near the tunnel-viaduct but it leads to a street just before the Sto Tomas climb. Adding this loop will not only give you an offroad  portion but a bigger circle for those wanting more.

The Route:

Sto Tomas

Sto Tomas Route


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