Maarat is currently the number one mountain biking destination in the Philippines. Despite big developments in the area the last 5 years, it made it more accessible thus more popular to weekend riders. This video records the entire basic or main trail from gate to gate (although reverse- from the Antipolo gate to San Mateo). There are currently developed trails being maintained by both the property owner- Timberland Heights and AllTerra cycling shop marked by different skill levels. Its also worth to note the road going to Timberland height is a popular destination for both road and MTB riders where the dreaded “Maarat Wall” is located. A steep incline but quite short so the suffering is calculated. We first explored this area circa 2001 and I tell you, lot has changed since then.

Apologize for the wrong orientation of the Video- just learning how to use the Countour Roam cam given to me by Robert Arevalo when I visited him at Washington DC this September.


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