A Bike Shop in Angono

Its probably one of the best bike shop outside of Manila and a welcome fact that it is located in my hometown. Imagine a local bike shop with several Fox forks, Specialized bikes, Shimano XTRs and other high end brands on display. And at the same time, its like a bike shop in Quiapo- which also has its low end and low priced products. Like a Manila high end bike shop and a Quiapo bike shop merged into one. Its Villamayor Shop located in Binangonan (not Angono- okay I consider Taytay, Angono and Binangonan as one and the same- my home  town).  So those who are riding Rizal may it be Bugarin for road riders or Antennae for MTBs- better drop by and see an alternative for yourself.

Heard the owner is related to the owners of Joven, the pioneer high end bikeshop- whose husband is the part owner of Lifecycle in greenhills. A small world indeed.


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