La Mesa Watershed

The best mountain biking destination near the heart of Manila is no other than the La Mesa Watershed Eco-Park. We have been there even before it was opened for public riding. We have revisited it recently and definitely, we were impressed with how they developed and managed the park. Here is our ride:

There are more than 40kms of trail and the normal route usually goes around 20-25kms. But since there are quite a number of cris-crossing trails, its very easy to customize the trip thus its ideal for beginners and experts alike.

Most of the trails are thickly covered by trees and goes within a rain forest type of environment, though most of them are recent reforested lands. There are guides required per trip and the fee to ride the trail (including the guide) is 200 Php per person. There are ample parking, clean toilets and a bike wash service after the muddy ride. The only thing missing is a store so better bring enough foods and drinks. For beginners, there is a service pick-up truck that is used to rescue those who cant finish the trail.

To get there, turn right at the end of Regalado Hi-way- with SM Fairview to your left (take Quirino Hi-way; the road that goes to San Jose Bulacan). About 2 kilometers is long concrete wall with a gate visibly marked so its difficult to miss it.

Members of team were (L-R) Vince Rodriguez, Vince’s Guest, Jerry Escosio, Ega Escosio, Al Jumarang, Dell Soriao, Paul Paz and me. The ride was on June 3, 2012.

Here are the details of the trail:

La Mesa

La Mesa Trail

For more map details please visit my Everytrail at: 


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