7-Eleven Tour 700

Last Sunday May 13, 2012, thousands of riders from Luzon participated in the 7-Eleven Tour 700. I participated in the event since its an opportunity to ride the country’s premier highway, the SCTEX. It is the best place to test how fast one can go. I did a measly 25 km/hr for the entire stretch but it was the first time I did a 100km non-stop at a supposed race speed (I did a 190+ km non-stop during the NOMADS challenge but it was an easy cruising phase with plenty of food and water).
I was using an MTB (as I dread using a road bike that might force me to push too hard and explode my heart out) but no “cheating alterations” – knobby tires, 26″ wheel size, and suspension fork. I started on the the first MTB wave, Wave F and was pretty much doing well at the start. I was at the lead pack of the MTB though that was a splintered group (I guess MTB riders don’t know the concept of a peloton). Then the Team PLDT DSL road bike riders came by and I was able to ride their peloton. I tried inserting at their center to get all the help I can get. At km 50, they stopped for the mid-way break. I was so thrilled with my performance and got too confident and careless, I  didn’t stopped and didn’t hydrated from km 20 and 50 water stations. I only have one water bottle. After 60 kms, I ran out of water and boom- I bonked big time. That ends my dream of doing the 100 km sub 3.5 hours.  Team PLDT swooshed past by and all other people I knew who I saw at the other side of the road when I did the 50 km turn around. The next water station was still at km 80 so it was really a painful crawl I even entertained quitting as the sun was at its highest. But one thing I still was able to hold on- I didn’t walked nor stopped for a rest.  I reached the water station and gulped all the water and Poweraide I can and I felt almost bloated and heavy. I continued on but was still feeling weak. Then a second station a few meters later has this Pocari Sweat 100 and after a dose of that I feel revived. Am not promoting it for am not sure if it was it or was it caused by the other previous liquids now taking effect. But one thing was sure, if you bonked, you may get a second wind but only for a short time. I was able to use that power up to the last 10 kms and then I crawled back again. Big amateur mistakes that I already know but am surprised I forgot. Come to think of it, when was the last time I raced on a bike?
Finished at 4:22.
This was the route of the race:

711 Route

Other MMS on the race were: Lea Latayan, Juboy Wilkkom, Wiwt Acuna, Buboy Serapio, Jodes Coates and Retzel Orquiza.

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