Jalajala Loop

Though I have written quite a lot of routes passing by this same area, I haven’t written yet this loop. This is the usual training route for road cyclist. A good 90 km with lots of flats and a challenging mountain climb that you can take either at the start or end of your trip. The usual parking for those doing this route is the DPWH Morong parking lot. Dindo and I did this route as our first long ride this year and maybe the only training we will have before our Negros ride.

Jaljala Loop

Jala-jala Loop


For more map details please visit my Everytrail at: http://www.everytrail.com/my_trips.php?user_id=46765 


4 responses to “Jalajala Loop

  1. Hello sir. I am Jiggy Anthony Alteros, a website developer. I would like to as permission from you to use one of your photos here to be use in a website I maintain. The website is http://www.accessworldph.com

    I am hoping for your positive response. More power and adventures. God bless.

  2. sure sir, I’ll put a link in my website to this page sir. Is that alright to you sir?

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