Preparing for a Multi Day Ride

Our planned 5 day trip around Negros Island (Negros circumferential ride), one of our Philippine segment for 2012, is just around the corner (February 22-27). We have brought our tickets months ago to ensure the trip will push through. After our Mindoro trip, there were a lot of lessons learned so am excited to put these lessons into this trip. The biggest adjustment would be in terms of load bearing. I have learned in our Bicol trip that panniers are not for fast touring as it really drags you down. In Mindoro, I tried the top load (not side panniers) for the rear bike rack and it was better but as a test that time, I have just used a ruck sack fastened by bungee cords, making organization and getting things in and out of the ruck sack challenging. So this time I brought a top loading bag only. Here are the things I will bring for this tip.

  1. Bike Bag (Giant bike trunk)
  2. Hydration Pack (Camelback) – I may not need to use this as all the stuff already fits the Bike Bag and I don’t like loads on my shoulder for long rides. If I do I use this it would be for important stuff only and not for hydration as I prefer water bottles.
  3. Bike Tools
    1. Light weight pump (Giant carbon hand pump)
    2. 1 Extra tube
    3. Patch kit (Lenz)
    4. Bike tool (Topeak) complete with tire levers
    5. Chain connector (KNC Missing Link)
    6.  Presta to Schraeder adapter as local vulcanizing shops usually have air pump for Shraeder only.
    7. Bike lock. I use a long lightweight cable from the DIY shop and a combination pad lock- lighter and flexible)
  4. Set of clothes (only two sets for riding and two sets for the after ride which can be used on the last days for riding). This means that I will need to wash my clothes for at least two days only.
  5. Toiletries (some stuffs will be left in Bacolod).
  6. Riding accessories (will use the old stuff like old helmets so as not to worry that much if it gets lost or stolen).
  7. A pouch for camera and quick snacks mounted on the handle bar (Alpine Lowe). Phone case (Wahoo) and other water proof case.
  8. The techies- cellphone, charger etc.

After packing, I was surpised that all stuff fits on the bike rack bag.

So from Manila to Bacolod, I will be bringing the bike bag (1), a backpack which contains clothes and other stuff I will need before and after the ride (will leave it in Bacolod during the bike trip) (2), the hydration  pack is an option (*will pack it inside the bike bag), and the bike bag (bike transport bag) itself (3) (which up to now I am still canvassing which one to buy- will write about this later). 3 pieces all in all, 2 hand carry and 1 for check-in, the bike itself.

I will be using the hard tail, rigid fork, cheaper bike I have which I usually use for road touring (less worries on scratches and security). We bought the Negros map and plotted our route. But I guess once you have done such trips before, you seems to get relaxed and confident just like in mountain climbing- do the hardest and everything will be manageable. Less worries and more excitement for the trip ahead.

The trip is on the last week of February, keep posted for the stories of that trip.


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