Two Types of Ti

Now this is one for the books- of being a weight weenie obsessive complusive. Comparing two Ti Bolts for disc brake caliper mounts!

The two bolts to the left are both Titanium bolts while the third one, the right most is the standard OEM screw. The first one weights 3 grams, the second one 2 grams while the standard one is 8 grams. For a typical bike which uses 8 of these, the first one will set you back  24 grams, the second 16 grams while the third one, 64 grams. It just mean that there are even differences between such items- for the OC types. (FYI- its a bit difficult to look for these small/OC upgrades here in Manila, the first type of bolt was acquired from the former  Cycling Options. The seond one was from Ross at 215 Php per piece). Maybe some would think this is already insane, but for those who already have the ultimate bike, this is the next step and it doesnt seems too much especially if this is the only upgrade item you can do for the year (unless you plan to change bikes).


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