Going Full-Sus

Tina Turner

Eventhough I am a bike geek (a side effect of being a technology geek- being in the IT field for almost 24 years) and who is always excited in trying out new stuffs rather than waiting out for technology to stabilize (first adapters), I have never planned of owning a full suspension bike for the longest time. Quite surprising as these FS bikes are the cutting edge in bike technology. But it may be due to my being practical, my value for simplicity (at least for bikes) and of being logical which comes out as stronger than my being a technology geek. It’s like- “why fix something if it ain’t broken?” Or “the high cost and added weight doesnt justify the upgrade!”

But still, I have set to myself that I will reconsider owning one, but only by the time I turn 40- for the added suspension would help my aging body cope up with the rigors of off road riding. As with most of my plans in life- this one is already on the calendar bucket list but admittedly, I am still open to pushing it up further as it is somewhat in parallel to my age- something that I hope I can push further. Sort of- the longer I can push it back means the longer I can push back my age. But when we did the Mindoro trip with an almost 200kms plus of rough roads, I then reconsidered and surrendered that I really needed the break especially that I am looking forward to riding way my prime time. So any help to extend it seems to be the best thing to do. Quite odd as my decision to go full-sus is not about challenging trails but more on liesurely rides. Anyways my riding mode nowadays is more on exploration and touring rather than competition so a more relaxed ride is most welcomed. (Note: after I got one, I was amazed on how plush the ride is (like sitting in a sofa), but admittedly, I can feel the drag and weight affecting my performance eventhough it is only a leisure ride- something I think I can live up with- anyways, I am not in a race when I use this).

Having that decision made- I was again in a childhood mood/mode, something I havent felt for quite some time. The feeling of buying my bike is always as if a new experience- only the feeling but the pitfalls of decision making has already been hurdled a long tiem ago. It was like the feeling of Christmas! An inner child connection to the time your father brought you your first bike (the same reason why there is such a word as “Toys for the Big Boys” these are just psychological inner child connections)

And as if chances fell all in my favor- I have decided to buy a Turner Flux (I have chosen between Titus Racer X and Turner Flux and Titus, being in a limbo status after being acquired by another company gave weight in my decision into choosing a Turner in the end) and one time I was going the rounds of the stores, I saw an 11 day old used Flux. It was quite expensive but the discount was too irresistable that I brought it on the spot. For the rest of the parts, I have just listed down my wish list and started building the bike with my excess parts (or from my old bikes) with the plan of uprgading one component at a time for the next coming 6 months or even a year to come up with my dream FS bike. The only other thing I brought was the XT 2 X 10 groupset, the Easton EC90 stem and new sets of tires (was surprised that the Kenda has this 345 gms version which seems much better than the Maxxis 310 gms tires).

The total weight of the bike is 22 Ibs (from 24, I just replaced the wheelset with the one I am using from my ultra-light weight to put it down to 22). Now my 2012 goal is to go within 19 Ibs (my ultra light weight bike is around 17 Ibs) as I would rather have the bike trim down its weight rather than I go on a diet myself, which for me is more difficult to do (hehe). But this 3 Ibs reduction would be more painstaiking as it will involve higher cost in little increments such as changing bolts from  steel to Titanium as there is a certain point in weight reduction that gain seems to plateau (see blog entry on weight reduction). Since I also have a plan of using Fox Fork to complement the rear suspension- it means it will be heavier on the fork so It will make the 19Ibs goal even trickier. I will update this entry as I make those small increments until I reach my 19 Ibs goal.

Here is the current Specs:

Frame: 2011 Turner Flux (Dw-Link)
Fork: 2009 Rockshox SID Team
Headset: Chris King 1-1/8 standard
Frame Suspension: Fox RP23
Brakes: XT 2012 Hydraulic Brakes
Shifter: XT 2012 (the one that can be integrated to the brake is not yet available locally)
Front Derailleur: XT 2012
Rear Derailleur: XT 2012
Handle Bar: EC90 Monkeylite Riser Bar
Grips: WTB
Cables: Shimano XT (OEM)
Cable Housing: Jagwire
Stem: EA90 White (already replaced collar bolt with Ti but not the head bolts)
Stem Cap: Chris King (Using Ti Bolts)
Seat Post: Crank Brothers Cobalt 11 (I dont like this as its too set back and saddle rails always slips up, an early candidate for replacement)
Saddle: Specialized Toupe (CrMo version- Temporary)
Seat Collar: Crank Brothers (despite its great look- I think this has to go as it weights more- lets see)
Crankset: XT 2012 2X10 Black
Casette: XT 2012 10 Speed
Water Bottle Cage: Merida Carbon
Rims: Alex XCR Scandium
Spokes and Nipples: Wheelsmith
Hubs: American Classics
Tires: Kenda
Tubes: Brontrager
Rim Tape: Token
Skewers: Token Carbon-Ti


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