Aguinaldo’s Track

Makeshift Tunnel

Camp Aguinaldo is one of the  two bike trails that is located within Metro Manila. The other one being located also in another military camp- Fort Bonifacio (not sure if the Old Bilibid Prison is still open, making it three).

Anyways, this is a good place for those who want to do a quick trail ride before hitting the office especially for those living within the vicinity. In fact riding inside Camp Aguinaldo would transport you to another world as if you are outside Manila whose green spaces are scarce. The trail offers a good challenge though it is not advisable to ride it after some hard rains maybe within a week before your ride as some portions of the track does not have proper drainage and has the tendency to retain knee deep flood water. The trail is only 2.2 Kilometers long (almost same length as the UP academic oval) so you may need around 5-10 rounds to get your fill.

Inside Camp Aguinaldo

One plus factor is that you can also ride the roads within the Camp, which is also popular with road cyclists. To get there, enter Camp Aguinaldo via Gate 6 (the nearest to Katipunan- C5-road). You can ask directions on the first guard house. There is a minimal fee to use the park.


Camp Aguinaldo 2

Camp Aguinaldo Loop

Camp Aguinaldo

Picture of the Same Trail

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