Lia’s first Road Bike

This is one project I got interested in. When my daughter Lia showed interest to try out Triathlon (Try- Tri), I was excited to see how I can create a road bike for an 8 year old. I was thinking of the 80’s popular bike- the mini-racer but it seems there are no longer traces of any product of such bike out in the market. I ended up asking Ave Maldea to customize the smallest frame possible and using the 26″ MTB wheel as its wheelset. This was for two purpose- size, and re-usability with my other mountain bikes. I have also decided to simplify gearing since Lia is a newbie so I decided to use a single ringed crankset. It was difficult to look for a crankset with short crank arms and I was only lucky to chance upon a second hand one being sold at Using a moutain bike cassette gives her an easier set of gears despite being a 1X9 setup. One of the challenges of doing this project is getting a 26X1 tires as it was surprising that it was no longer popular in the local market. Second challenge is to look for a 650cc road fork which is compatible with a 26 inched MTB wheelset. It turns out, the former Tri-bike standard of 650cc is no longer the standard as these bikes are already using the 700cc wheels. To further make if more difficult, Ave created the head tube for 1″ fork as I was not able to specify a 1 1/8 standard size. I was able to get one from ebay in the US. The finished product currently looks awkward but in few years time when Lia adds up some inches in her height, things would look better. By the way, I sometimes uses this bike just for fun.


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