An article about Allen screws

It may seems too geeky of me to post here an article about Allen hex tools but just to share my recent experience with Allen screws which may be of help to those handymen out there who, besides riding bike considers bike mechanic work as a similar interesting hobby bordering to passion. But before going any further, the generic name of this screw is Hex and Allen is the name of the manufacturer who popularized it (but not invented it as contrast to Philips). Locally however, it is more known as Allen rather than Hex.

I had an old cycling shoes which uses a Crank Brothers cleats. The shoes are for disposal but I would really want to get the cleats as it is still usuable and these Crank Brother’s cleats are more expensive than the SPD counterparts. I was not able to remove then as all of the Allen screws I have used failed and become rounded (Stanley, Buffalo, KYT etc.) as the rust was already worst that the screws seems already welded to the shoe plate. I came upon these Bondhus tools in the Handyman store in Robinson’s Pioneer. What made me decide to take a chance on it is because it offers lifetime warranty (so I can bring it back if it fails or the tips gets rounded), it advertise that it is 50% stronger than regular Allen tools and lastly, its the most expensive one I have came upon for an Allen tool (as it is often the case- expensive means higher quality and this one is made in the US). Though I mentioned that it was expensive, it was being sold at 20% off so the price is still reasonable. I went home eager to try it out and the result- I was able to remove the screws in just one try and there was not even a scratch or dent suffered by the tool. So I give these tools a two thumbs up! Of course I was not able to test the real bike specific tools like the ParkTool set becuase its difficult to buy it locally and I would guess it is more expensive than this one so if that assumption is true, then that’s another plus for this tool.


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