Sierra Madre ++ (Adventure Camps Route)

At Daranak Falls in Tanay Rizal

For those familiar with the Sierra Madre route, the usual destination is up to the Sierra Madre hotel only where the turn around usually happens. But if you further go down the route, you will end up in Sampaloc Tanay which further leads to Infanta in Quezon 60 km from that point. But that is for those doing epic rides. Going back to the Sierra Madre hotel as the turn around point for those doing half day trips (still whole day for the newbies of Sierra Madre); we recently explored a small loop which is a good way to turn around back to Antipolo. You will just have to go straight to Sampaloc in Tanay and in the major intersection, turn left going towards the Rizal University System. It’s a very steep climb and it goes back out at the Pranjetto Hills area. This loop is around 5 kilometers in addition to your usual Sierra Madre so for those who have already surpassed the fitness level of suffering a Sierra Madre ride, this additional loop may be the kicker to give your ride the right additional challenge.

Speaking of this loop, the Sierra Madre and Tanay area has recently became a Mecca for Adventure Camps. Just like the Filipino’s fondness for business trend like the litson manok craze, the pearly shakes and other gazillion food cart businesses, the resurgence of these adventure camps (Tanay has been long known as an outdoor place but more on the rustic side with no facilities at all)  seems similar but a trend that is most welcome for adventure junkies like me. Currently the Tanay area has Prajetto Hills, Tanay Adventure Camp, Sacramento Valley, Momarco and even the estate of former President Joseph Estrade is now open to the public and some other similar facilities which offers team building and adventure liesure activities. Momarco gets a special mention here because it has bike specific facilities. It does not only have some biking trails but they have one of the best local pump tracks I have seen in the country (will try it out later).

So next time you ride these areas, you may consider stops and sidelines not only in the destination but in the activities itself. In fact you can even have your family enjoy those facilities while you ride your heart out in this popular cycling destination.


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