L to L (Laiya to Lukban)

Laiya, my Laiya !

We often go to Laiya in San Juan Batangas once a year as one of our minor annual beach vacations. Our usual route then was SLEX, then STAR toll ways to Lipa City and then to San Juan Batangas. Recently, the STAR toll ways were extended further so the exit was no longer in Lipa but a little further towards Rosario Batangas thus you would no longer need to pass the traffic of Lipa City. But during one of our trips to Laiya, we tried driving towards Lukban as San Juan Batangas is already bordering Quezon Province (Sariaya). We thought it would be a faster way to Rizal but it turns out, it might be longer- though the refreshing scenic views of this route plus the Laguna-Rizal boundary would be better for me rather than driving monotonously through the STAR and SLEX systems. This year 2011, when we went to Laiya, I

Tayabas Church

brought my bike with me to try riding Laiya to our home in Angono but my plans changed as I need to consider the other members of the trip so I just rode from Laiya to Lukban. An “L” to “L” ride. This is the first time I have climbed Lukban via Tayabas by bike though I have taken that route many times by car and a few descents on a bike. I have already climbed by bike, the Pagsanjan to Lukban twice so all in all I was a little confident this would turn out well and the climbs would be manageable. The ride from Laiya to San Juan was pleasant. From San Juan to Sariaya was a bit boring with a straight flat road, a bit deteriorating so quite bumpy. Then the hi-way from Sariaya to Tayabas was a bit scary, sharing one lane with the southern bound buses, reminds me of the Dagupan to Rosario La Union portion- it would need some nerves of steel to hold your line while the buses passes by an inch from you. Upon entering Tayabas and climbing up Lukban is a refreshing change as there are more trees and scenic views. Here is the record of that route.

La Luz Resort.

An old house in Sariaya.

This was once a small rough road that ends at the foot of Mt. Daguldol. Now its open as a through to Lobo Batangas (further towards Batangas City?)

An old window.

Laiya- Lukban

Laiya to Lukban

For more map details please visit my Everytrail at: http://www.everytrail.com/my_trips.php?user_id=46765 



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