What Ever!

I have seen quite a lot of funny scenes, signs and “what ever!” in my biking trips. Some things you will not even notice when you are in a car. I will start collecting them and will update this particular blog entry as I capture them.

This particular scene I have seen in Cartimar in Pasay City. I will call this “My favorite number is 8!” Get it? Or maybe a simpler one- “I just want to die!” (I was actually tempted to stay and wait to see what will happen. If the laws of physics will prevail. But I really had to go so don’t ask me what the outcome was.)

This picture was taken from Emily Inn in Sablayan during our Mindoro ride. I would call this “The Battle Between Good and …So Good!” Now what is good and what is so good depends on each individual. You can observe this when that individual passes by- and see where he/she looks. (The left side wall are sexy posters of Iya for Tanduay while directly in front is an altar).


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