Philippine Bike Act of 2011

(As reported by Ms. Marjorie Gorospe; appearing in Yahoo.Ph News-

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA- A group advocating the use of bicycle as a mode of transportation in the country is hopeful for the passage of bill that seeks the establishment of a local bikeway office (LBO)

House Bill 4785, or the Bicycle Act of 2011, filed by Pasay City Representative Emi Calixto-Rubiano, mandates that the municipal engineer in the cities would be responsible for the project development, management and implementation of a bikeway project and roadmap.

The office will also establish partnerships with local or foreign organizations to carry out the provisions of this act and will also push for the registration of all bicycles operating within the bikeways.

According to  Firefly Brigade president Ricky Pineda, the bike group has been promoting the use of bicycle for clean air for more than a decade now and the bill can help the group’s advocacy.

“We are particularly pleased on the on the emphasis on the creation of bicycle parks and we welcome this bill as well,” Pineda said.

The Firefly Brigade is hoping that the bill could also emphasize the role of promoting the bicycle as a climate change mitigating tool and the incentives to further promote bicycle use.

“We also would like to seek emphasis on stronger stakeholder consultation and institutionalizing a city-based bicycle day which would help broaden the awareness of the communities in this regard,” Pineda said.

If the bill gets approved, Pineda added that the form or means of registration should also be clarified and be exercised carefully as it may only constrict rather than promote the use of bicycles for more people as a means of transportation.

The Bicycle Act of 2011will be implemented by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC).

Once passed, all bicycle riders or cyclists are also mandated to obey traffic regulations, signs and other control devices applicable to vehicles, wear the appropriate gear and ensure that their bicycles are equipped with reflective materials visible from both sides or they would be fined P2,000 for the violation.


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