Small Circle- Big Circle

Climbing Tanay Sampaloc for the Bigger Circle

Since I live in Angono, Bugarin is my natural destination for long weekend rides. But prior to that, when a long ride for me is just less than 50kms, the normal route for me was the Angono-Taytay-Antipolo-Teresa-Morong-Cardona-Binangonan-Angono circuit. This is a perfect ride for me. It has hills- the Antipolo climbs and it has flats in the Eastern Rizal portion. This is a 2-3 hour ride so it’s ideal for a quick morning ride even on a weekday before going for work. The route is also flexible, if you need additional milage, you can descend to Sumulong Hi-way towards Marcos Hi-way (the popular cycling destination) and go back to Antipolo for an additional 10Km milage. For an additional 20km, but not advisable due to heavy traffic, you can go down Sumulong further to Tropical and to Junction in Cainta, via Imelda (Felix) Avenue before going back to Angono. Anyways, the original loop, the 50kms, is what I now call as the SMALL CIRCLE. I started calling it “small” after I have discovered the “big” circle.

Small Loop

The smaller loop – Angono-Morong-Teresa-Angono


The BIG CIRCLE is doing the bigger loop- Angono-Binangonan-Cardona-Morong-Baras-Tanay-Tanay Sampaloc-Sierra Madre-Antipolo-Taytay-Angono. It’s a good 99 KM loop. But the difficulty is more than the increase in milage compared to the small loop as you will be faced with the Tanay Sampaloc and the Antipolo climbs- a dual wammy. So it usually take around 6-8 hours to do this difficult route.


Bigger Loop – Angono-Tanay-Sierra Madre-Antipolo-Angono



Resting somewhere in Sierra Madre (Mark Santos and me)

But wait there’s more! I have’nt done this before but am planning to do it in the future. It’s the Grand Daddy Circle. A loop that will encompass the above smaller loops. It is the Angono-Binangonan-Cardona-Morong-Tanay-Pililia-Mabitac-Siniloan-Famy-Real-Infanta-Real-Sta Maria-Tanay-Antipolo-Taytay circuit which may total to around 200kms+. [Note: there is already an article about this- Biggest Circle] It may take more than a day to do this unless you’re ok to ride the remote Sierra Madre portions at dark. It can still be done in a day but better to consider starting very early and ensuring that by dark time, you are already in the safer portions of the loop (i.e. Antipolo or if reverse, already beyond Bugarin towards Manila). [Note: When we did this biggest loop- we were able to complete it in a day. There is a way to decrease this loop further by using the Sta Maria Laguna exit to Sierra Madre].

So these are the Rizal-Laguna-Quezon circles. Very near yet goes so far from Manila. So there is no excuse for an epic ride just outside of your house.


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