My Cycling Iconic Photos

Here are 3 pictures I consider as the most striking “people on a bike” photo.

Of course, the man of the century- Albert Einstein. He is attributed to these two popular quotes:

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

I thought of that while riding my bicycle.” (on the theory of relativity)

Who ever thought someone as beautiful and elegant as Audrey Hepburn would ride a bike?

The modern day bike hero- Lance Armstrong and being a mountain biker- seeing Lance Armstrong on a mountain bike is really pretty cool. Lately, he has been spotted quite a number of times in a mountain bike like in the legendary Leadville cycling events (which resulted in the legendary races between Wiens and Armstrong that popularized the event that attracted other pros like Levi Leipheimer to join later on) and even hosted short notice mountain bike races in his local hometown via Tweeter invites. This picture is during the Mt. Snow mountain bike event circa 1999.


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