A bad look but a good finish- 1st Twilight Duathlon

Nice Hat!

Madeline calls his neighbor’s hat a BAD hat, while Barney crafts a song about silly hats. I had mine both- a bad and silly hat! One of the most embarassing experience I had riding my bicycle- competing in front of spectators with my helmet worm the wrong way. I was not sure if it was part due to anxiety before the race (I often experience butterfly in my stomach immediately before the race; a feeling of vomiting which immediately disappears after the gun start) or maybe because I am already too much used to wearing MTB helmets with visor that wearing a road helmet without one dis-oriented me. But one thing strange about it was the fact that nobody pointed it out to

Team MMS - me and Heidi Sarno

me. Not even my two daughters who bid me good luck minutes before gun start. Maybe the other contenders thought I had some sort of a race superstition or a good luck charm that they did not dared question. But then again, thats the reason why I recall some spectators looks at me in a stange way and yes, there was quite a handful who gave the signal but I was too confused what they were telling. I just learned about it after the race, at the finish line. But maybe it was indeed a lucky charm, for this was the highest place I got in a competition- fourth place. I could have exerted more effort to win the 3rd place and receive my first ever medal in a race for its not too often that I had that close an opportunity- and maybe few real contenders to garner that place.

Mud from the trail

Anyways, the race was a great one- the Batangas back roads and trails were awsome- not too technical yet not too boring. There were also challenging hills that will either give you an opportunity to catch up or be left behind. It was the first Twilight Off Road Duathlon, held at Tagaytay Highlands and sponsored by Mizuno, Grantrail and Tagaytay Highlands. I must admit, though there are the usual minor glitches, overall it was one well-organized event and Tagaytay Highland is one good host for such an event. The race route was organized by Ige Lopez and it was participated by multi-sport enthusiast, runners, cyclist and moutaineers as off-road duathlon has this wider scope of audience. I firmly believe there is future to this off-road sport in our country.

Helmet caused aero dynamic issues that slowed me down.

We actually joined the relay event (Male-Female) and I admit, majority of the work was done by my partner- Heidi Sarno, a co-member at MMS (I think I have dragged her down into fourth place rather than pushing her up into it). She was also with me, Lea Latayan, Deo Cas and Edwin Serpaio when we joined the Laguna Lake 200km Relay. And I am proud to say, these women are stronger than us. I dont have qualms about the battle of the sexes thing. A Spade is a spade and this time, we are just the handle of that spade and were contented about it. After this event, they hosted a bike only race to the top but I was not able to

Pit Stop Bands

join it. Maybe this year, they will still hold the same event as there are only few of these- the other ones are the Nuvali series.





The Laguna Lake Ultramarathon Team MMS.

Jeyps Pelingo, Edwin Serapio, Lea Latayan, Deo Cas, Heidi Sarno, me and Mark Santos.


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