2011 Road Wheelset Weight Comparison

The lightest claimed wheelset at 910 grams per pair.

Everytime I make a bike component purchase, I really put time researching for the best product at reasonable cost. I have a lot of Excel spread sheets on my hard disk comparing quite a number of components but since I have’nt done any major purchases during the last 2 years, most of them are not updated. Here is one I am currently doing as I need to replace my existing wheelset. Note that the intent of the chart is just to compare weight and price (I have’nt done the price yet but will update this as soon as I have the information) and the intended use is to aid in the decision making. As I also advise readers here- this is not the sole basis for purchase, only an aid. A starting point to know which products to evaluate further. Hope this help. 

Click Link to access PDF file:

Road Wheels (List contains 196 wheelsets). 

Here are the top 20 on the list (weight is based on the manufacturer’s claim from their website. Its 10% +/- based on experience). Numbers are in grams and are based on a pair of wheelsets without skewers, tires and tubes:

1. Reynolds RZR 46 at 910.
2. DT Swiss RRC 32 Tubular at 1,000.
3. Token T33 at 1,050.
4. Reynolds Thirty Two Tubular at 1,066.
5. Zipp 202 at 1,095.
6. DT Swiss RRC 46 at 1,130.
7. Zipp 303 Tubular at 1,171.
8. Easton EC90 SLX at 1,175.
9. Reynolds Fourty Six Tubular at 1,180.
10. Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate at 1,185.
11. Bontrager Race XXX Lite Tubular at 1,190.
12. Reynolds RZR Team at 1,199.
13. Zipp 303 Cyclocross at 1,206.
14. Fulcrum Racing Light XLR Tubular at 1,226.
15. Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra Two Tubular at 1,231.
16. Easton EC90 SL 38mm Tubular at 1,250.
17. Reynolds Assault Tubular at 1,272.
18. American Classics Mag Clincher at 1,275.
19. Zipp 404 Tubular at 1,278.
20. DT Swiss RRC 32 Clincher at 1,280.

(Update: Just got this info June 2011 regarding an upcoming contender to the big guys out there: http://www.cyclingnews.com/features/enve-wheels-can-aero-get-any-quicker).


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