Tour of the Fire Flies

It’s April once again and it’s the time of the year when cyclist gather in critical mass to support the premier environmental advocacy vehicle of the Firefly Brigade, the Tour of the Fire Flies. Our group participated in the Tour since its 4th run. I personally have tried participating in all these events whenever I can. This year I will try to bring my 8 year old daughter with me.

Traversing EDSA

I have actually joined one of its early comprehensive marshal-membership seminars held in Miriam College. I am not sure if it was Ado or Ef who gave the bike mechanic seminar then. I remember we also had a couple of night rides traversing EDSA during the peak of traffic. It was really crazy! We were also able to join other related rides like the Earthday Ride in 2004.

On a serious note, I sometimes reflect on the impact of these rides to the people joining it. I

Earthday 04- Cary, Jun, Vince, Dindo (hidden), James, Buboy and Ariel

admit I sometimes felt disheartened that for some, this is just one fun ride and worst- to show off their stuff. People who are joining clean air advocacies arriving in their gas belching, smoke emitting SUVs with their uber expensive bikes mounted on the roof deck. Do they even think about the environment? I think these reflections have pushed me in 2004-2006 to actually bike commute from our home in Angono to Makati where I was working then.

2010 – Vince, Anne, Dindo and Me

Though I later stopped doing it when I transferred jobs in companies which does not have shower room facilities; every once in a while, I still try to do it. For the local town errands, I always do that on my bike. This is to appease a side of me to at reason out- that at least I tried. Hope that it would not come to a point where environment itself will leave us no choice but to bike commute.

At Ayala Triangle


Traffic Jam at Marikina Bridge.


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