To all the bikes I’ve loved before…

I guess just like my dogs, I come to treat my bikes as something that has personality and which becomes part of my life- part of my family. I actually give more attention and care on my bikes than my cars. Here is a run down of all my bikes (post parents’ support) to date.

This is the only picture I have with one of my oldest bikes. This was my father’s bike which I was not allowed to even touch during my younger days but which I eventually got after entering college. It was an original italian frame brought second hand by my father. It’s a steel frame; the original built has it’s chain and seat stays in chrome. I upgraded it with saving from my college allowance.  I had it altered and improved by Ave Maldea circa 1992, putting in an internal cable route and the shifter attachments on the lowers. I bought this with me after I got married and left my parents home. This was what remained before I sold it. I regret parting with it. It could have been a good retro bike or even a single speeder.

After that bike, this one was the upgrade frame of the old bike above. It was an unplanned upgrade; I was going home from work and passed by a bike shop. I saw this alloy frame and decided to do an upgrade to make the bike lighter. But eventually I ended up selling this first before the steel frame. I parted with the road bike after I started moutain biking.

My first moutain bike circa 2001. I named this MTB-Diana I (MTB- as in the tradition of the prefix for ships- the MV). Up to now, I have’nt answered my wife why I named it Diana. It’s an original Schwinn frame sold as OEM during the time they have declared bankrupt so some frames ended up locally to cut the losses of the Taiwanese subcontractor. There were fakes that were sold also during that time. This was the bike that had been with me in exploring the trails within the San Mateo and Rodriguez mountains. The bikes that showed me the joys or moutain biking. I eventualy had it repainted white and used as touring and utlity bike. Having served the most, I have decided to have it for keeps.

The first upgrade- the MTB-Diana II. The frame of this bike was ordered from Trek before the same model flooded the local market. This was my racing bike as this was with me during the time I was actively joining MTB races. It was the time our group started “seriously” spending and upgrading on our bikes. After that period, I had it repainted and had its cantilever bose removed, good as new, by Joey Iballa and I handed it over to my wife as her first bike. This is still with us today.

The third upgrade. though I havent named this- I would tend to call it MTB-Weenie- my weight weenie bike. This bike was more of a technical obsession in the search for the lightest product out there. This is the current bike I am using for trail riding. This bike has reserved alternate parts which I use depending on the call of the ride like spare tires, wheelsets, handle bar, saddle and casette as some part may not fare well on more technical terrains.

My XC Bike- used and abused at Pinatubo

The resurrected Schwinn, repainted by Joey Iballa. I latered called this my MTB- Philippine Explorer as the intent of this bike, besides being a touring bike was to use it on my plan to tour the entire Philippines. Of all the bikes I have, this one has the most sentimental vaue to me. This bike also shares the spares of MTB-Weenie. It also has several bike carrier options for touring.

I also started using racer bikes as alternate bikes for fast road training sorties. Though honestly, after using mountain bikes for the longest time, I am no longer comfortable using road bikes. This was my third road bike. The frame was brought second hand from Mr. Viray while the groupset was directly from HansGee. I sold this bike later on after acquiring the 4th road bike.

The 4th road bike- sponsored by Token.

The old Trek which I have handed over to my wife. If my wife will name this with a male’s name, he would probably wont like it.

My daughter’s bike, a Trek MT60. I have actually upgraded it with old MTB parts I am no longer using so it became sort of a midget moutainbike that I even use in short errands within our community especially if there are plans to load it later on the car (i.e. one way use). I eventually returned most of its original part as I have decided to store and keep the old MTB parts for futre use- for my daughter’s first mountain bike. As of today, I am currently waiting for Ave to finish the special road bike frame for Lia. It will be a 650c road-tri bike. Once set-up this bike will be handed over to Nina and Lia will start her training for triathlon.

So currently we have 6 bikes in our house (excluding Nina’s plastic trike). It actually occupies a lot of space but currently, based on regrets of selling some of the other bikes, I am no longer thinkng of selling any bikes that becomes part of our family unless there is really a compelling reason to. Yes I admit I am sentimental and I think such bikes that had been with me through thick and thin (of riding), deserved to be part of our family. I still have plans of trying out other bikes like a full sus, maybe a  29’ner etc. and even with these possible future additions, I think I would accept a growth in the stable and would find it hard to even think of culling the herd. After I am gone, I will leave these as some of the heirlooms I will bequeath my daughters and it will be up to them if they would want to dispose of it later on. Anyways, I don’t care anymore as I would never know what happens long after I am gone.

Need proper storage. My daughter have 2 more bikes in addition.


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