My Own Back Yard – MTB Riding in Angono Rizal

At the Antenna View Point, Jun Medrano and me

I was born and raised in Taytay Rizal. After getting married, I lived in Angono Rizal. Though honestly speaking Taytay is more prosperous than Angono, certified by the presence of SM in Taytay, Angono is still more popular than Taytay being known as the Art’s Capital of the Philippines. It just has to show that in some sense, the soul (cultural or historical) is more valued than the prosperity of a place. When I started mountain biking, the usual place I have ridden was the San Mateo and Rodriguez mountains. If Bugarin is considered the number one weekend destination for road cyclist, it is San Mateo and Rodriguez, being considered the

Ann Cortez (not Curtis), preferred hiking than biking

MTB place (which by the way, is rapidly loosing this status as new destinations are being discovered while we are loosing these places to urban development). Nevertheless, I am proud that all of these places are in Rizal, my home province and we are just scratching the surface here as other places like Tanay Rizal would definitely offer far better adventure destinations in the future. The first and foremost advantage of Rizal is its proximity to Manila. A quick getaway for adventure and Rizal should capitalize on that.

At the grassland with the view of Manila

It was a surprise for me a few years back then when I learned that the downhill nationals were being held in Taytay Rizal. So where in Taytay can they do such a thing!? It was in one of those subdivisions near the mountains- in Monteverde Royale. Soon enough the outlying mountains opened up to riders and one that excited me was the one in our very own backyard- in Angono Rizal. Just like the chicken and the egg thing- was it the discovery of these destinations or the increase of riders within these localities that came first.

Short Beer Break at Thunderbird Resort (Lea Manalo, Anj Simeon, Jun Medrano and Mark Santos)

The usual destination in Angono Rizal is the mountainous area bounding Antipolo and Binangonan. In fact to most riders out there, the Binangonan- San Carlos heights, known as “Antenna” is already a popular destination. The advantage of the place is that it is good for newbie’s, there are longer routes for advance riders and Angono is just a stone throw away from Ortigas (via the Floodway-Taytay-Angono Coastal route). The routes are mostly circular with a couple of options or exits. The best thing about it- everything is accessible, views are spectacular with one significant historical landmark – the “Angono Petroglyphs in Binangonan” (most probably a compromise of the two towns over boundary disputes), and an option resort- the Thunderbird Resort- for the tourist riders who would want to squeeze in a ride between pleasure.

Famous Petroglyphs Shot with Buboy Millevo, Deo Cas, Ann Cortez and Boki Olipas

The major routes climbing up the mountains includes the Don Mariano Avenue (La Farge-Mahabang Parang), the Guido St (which I believe is one of the steepest road in the country), the San Carlos Heights (Antenna), an exit to Binangonan (Monique Valais) or to the longer exit route at Morong Rizal (Barangay Bongbongan). There are also other minor routes that can be explored like the Carlos Francisco road, Antipolo options and other Binangonan options. You can mix and match these routes to increase or decrease difficulties depending on the riding party or just to change varieties for those who have already been there before.

The Morong route will require you to cross a river

In our case, we have done this a couple of times, one is a simple straight forward loop, then a double loop (see map) climbing Don Mariano, descending Binangonan via Monique Valais (a short off road downhill, great for beginners), then we decided to climb the Antenna and crossed over again to East Ridge and went down via Guido St. Our base and parking was at a restaurant in the Manila East Hi-way, Scrapyard Restaurant.  One time we did a longer loop (see second map), we climbed Antenna, then we went down via Thunderbird Resort going to Morong Rizal and back to Angono via Manila East Hi-way. In all of our sorties, as there were

Steep offroad climb to Antenna

newbie’s all the time, we passed by the Angono Petroglyphs and a short break (with beers) at Thunderbird Resort, before descending down back to our staring point. Then a final celebration drinks at Scrapyard Restaurant.

Those who want to explore the place, just send me a note- .

Angono- Morong

This is the longer loop that goes our to Morong

Angono Loop

This is the smaller loop that goes out to Binangonan.

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