What kind of cyclist are you…on flat roads…

I just remembered a blog written by a fellow Tour of Hope Rider, Tristan Choa. He has this classification system he has written:

On a flat road, if you. . . then you

average 50 km/hr… are Tour de France caliber

can maintain 45 km/hr…can win the half Ironman if you know how to swim and run

have no issues at 40 km/hr…are a well trained cyclist masquerading as a human

are at ease with 30 km/hr…are a yoga teacher and you have nothing to be ashamed of

are happy at 25 km/hr…are at peace with the world and have a lot of friends

max at 15 km/hr…need to sell your bike and just spend time with your family

Since I belong to the 25 km/hr category, I am now confused if I should be happy for having lots of friends…


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