Laguna Lakers Loop

The Laguna Lake Loop is the closest route to Manila where you can do a 200 Km ride without veering farther away from the capital city. Though this can be done in a day, the phasing would be a little bit faster for comfort. So if you would really like to enjoy the route, better do it in two days and stay overnight in one of the resorts midpoint as there are a hundred options for accommodations lining up the entire loop. So what is to enjoy, if the goal is to really enjoy this route? Besides the scenic countryside vistas, the recommended thing to do is to explore the historical, cultural, religious and culinary side of these provinces- as we all know Rizal and Laguna are two of the provinces which tops other provinces in terms of the aforementioned qualities.

The total distance of the route is somewhere between 187 to 200 km depending on the bypasses you will take. One of the bigger decisions would include either climbing Bugarin or doing a Jalajala Peninsula route (a difference of about 20+ km). Another decision point is either taking C-6 or C-5 routes going back to Manila. I was able to do this in 10 hours including short breaks via Jalajala and C-6 with a total distance of 197 km.

The route is a pleasant ride along the country side except for the stretch from Calamba to Bicutan which is not only polluted but traffic is always heavy and crazy for comfort. For those who only wanted to have a 200 km ride (i.e training ride), option is to only ride from Rizal to Pagsanjan in Laguna and back to the same route thus avoiding the Calamba side of the loop. Another decision point is either doing it clockwise or counter-clockwise. I would tend to agree that it’s better doing it clockwise because having Rizal as your last stage would be more challenging due to its hills compared to a relatively flat Laguna, and your physical state after pedaling for more than 150 km. Security wise, the entire route is relatively safe as there are no isolated portions except when taking the Jalajala route but since its a one way street, it may be stupid for bike-nappers to do their stuff in that section with only one exit route.

During the time I first did this route, I did it solo and tried to do a non stop ride. But after 154 kms, my body suddenly gave in to cramps. My stomach also started to crave for real food as I was only eating bars the entire day. My average speed was good but after this near shutdown, I literally crawled on my way home. I still remember entering C6 from Bicutan and seeing the lamp post counter saying it’s still 280+ post to the end of C6, I was sort of heart broken counting down to 1. Good thing there are food stalls at the bridge where I was able to refresh a little, just enough to reach back home in Angono.

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